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We now have a group. If you have a meetup account you can join to get the latest news about CambR meetings. If you don't have a meetup account, it is free to sign-up for one!

Next CambR meeting - Wednesday, November 26, 2014 in the Emperor Pub

We are pleased to announce our next meetup. Come join us in The Emperor pub for a couple of informal talks and networking with fellow R users. Andy South will tell us about making world maps in R and Matt Sundquist, co-founder of the project will tell us about Interactive Plotting with Shiny, Rpubs and ggplot2.

Previous CambR meeting - 27 October 2014 , in the Emperor Pub

emacs/ESS CambR lunch - 19 November 2013

Great R lunch time about Emacs Speaks Statistics (ESS) by Stephen Eglen (an ESS core developer). If you are interested in setting up other lunch time R activities, post an announcement on the CambR google group.

Last CambR meeting - 28 October 2013

Mark gave a much appreciated talk about the famous ggplot2 package. His slides are available in the TeachingMaterial repository. Laurent gave a presentation about unit testing; the content was derived from the R package development course available from the TeachingMaterial repository and the debugging session from the Bioc 2013 conference.

First CambR lunch - 29 May 2013

We had our first R lunch on the 29th of May in the Department Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics and aim to have them on a regular basis.

CambR Meeting - 25 March 2013

About 30 people came to listen to two skilled R users. Andrius Druzinis presented interactive visualisations and GUIs with Shiny and Adrian Alexa who talked about specific problems he (and many others) need to solve in R, code optimization, and other useful and geeky R tricks. The slides and shiny apps are available on the CambR wiki.

A couple of picture are on-line. Looking forward to seeing you at out next meeting.

CambR Meeting - November 2012

On Monday, 29th October 2012, in the Fountain Inn, in Cambridge (UK) about 40 delegates came to listen to Martin Morgan, who gave a great live demonstration on how to convert a function into an valid R package using RStudio. Laurent also illustrated the R code behind the CambR logo (slides and code on the github page).

A couple of pictures are on-line. Looking forward to seeing you at out next meeting.

CambR Meeting - May 2012

We had a successful CambR meeting on Tuesday 29th May 2012, in the Fountain Inn, in Cambridge (UK), with two great talks:

A couple of pictures are on-line. Thank you to all those who were able to make it. See you next time!

About CambR

R is a free software environment for statistical computing and graphics. As R enthusiasts, we are eager to bring useRs of Cambridge and surroundings together to share their experiences using R. We are aiming at organising meetings in Cambridge, including talks, mini workshops, data analysis sessions,... with an emphasis on interaction among participants.

Stay tuned

We have set up a CambR google group to discuss any matter related to the CambR group and meetings or any other aspect related to R that you may want to share. Please feel free to register or get in contact with one of the organisers.


Current organising committee members are Jonathan Cairns, Mark Dunning, Laurent Gatto, Andy Lynch, Mike Smith and Sven Sewitz.


We would like to thank Revolution Analytics for their financial support (Vector level) .

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